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We are a group of people who have grown ​up among the tennis community and are ​passionate about the sport. Our team ​consists of experts in tennis as professional ​players, coaches, and officials.


Orcas are highly intelligent, social ​mammals that live in tight-knit groups and ​are on top of the food chain.

Just like Orcas, we would like to be strong ​leaders in the global tennis community, ​especially in Indonesia.


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Our team consists of a group of people who have been in the tennis ​industry for years as players, coaches, and officials. Our tennis program ​is instructed by experienced coaches with strong tennis backgrounds.

Agustina Wibisono

Head Coach, Director of Operation

Agustina has over 25 years of coaching experience. She earned her highest coaching ​certificate from GPTCA Level A (ATP Certified). She is also ITF Level 2 certified, and ​PTR Junior & Adults Development certified.

Before coaching, she was a professional tennis player with the highest ranking of #366 ​in WTA doubles and #570 in WTA singles. She was a Gold Medalist at SEA Games in ​1987 represented Indonesia.

Lauren Lang

Pro Coach, General Affairs

Lauren is a former college athlete at Lewis-Clark State College where she received her ​degree in English in creative writing.

Previously, she taught tennis at Tripp Lake Camp in 2016-2019 and served as the Tennis ​Program Director at Camp Kippewa in 2022. She is EKT (Evolution Kids Tennis) courses ​certified and ITF Academy courses certified.

Aside from coaching, she is also a college advisor at University Sports Program (USP) ​where she helps students and athletes who look to go to a U.S. university.

Diaz Wibawa

Pro Coach, Public Relations

Diaz was the #1 National player in Under-16 Boys category. He was also the top 20 ​National Ranking in Men's Doubles in 2016. He represented Nusa Tenggara Barat at ​PON in 2016.

He has been independently working as a private coach for kids and adults in Jakarta ​since 2018. And he is ITF Academy courses certified.

Dewi Fortuna

Public Relations, Event Staff Coordinator

Dewi is an ITF White Badge official since 2006. In tennis officiating, she was the ​linesman at ATP Pro Tour in Dubai in 2017.

Her junior playing career had reached Wimbledon and Roland Garros junior main draw ​in 1988. She also represented Bali at PON in 2008.

Cynthia Wibawa

Legal Adviser, Treasurer

Cynthia is a former junior national player. She reached top 20 National Ranking in ​Under-16 Girls doubles category. She represented DKI Jakarta at Mini PON in 2009, ​Banten at PORDA in 2010, and Northern Sulawesi at Pre-PON in 2012.

Cynthia has a Law degree from Trisakti University and a master's degree in Notary from ​Pelita Harapan University (Cum Laude in both degrees).


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We provide tennis programs for kids and adults of all levels in group or private lessons ​instructed by a solid team of coaching staff with strong background in tennis.

Yo​uth program

Adults program

Private lesson


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Our Youth Program is created for kids in ages of 4-16 years old. The class is divided ​by the kids' age group. We are proudly using the Evolution Kids Tennis curriculum by ​Mike Barrell (author of ITF 10&Under manual). The program has all the elements that ​makes tennis engaging and fun for kids.


4-6 years old | 1 hour | Foam & Red ball | Mini court

A class designed for kids ages 4-6 years old with the focus of building ​athleticism and basic motor coordination through fun tennis themed ​games in a mini tennis court. Children at this age are recommended ​to use racquet size 19".

Top Shot

6-8 years old | 1 hour | Red ball | 1/4 size court

A class designed for kids ages 6-8 years old with the focus of ​strengthening children's athletic versatility through fun tennis game ​situation in a 1/4 size court. Children at this age are recommended to ​use racquet size 21"-23".

Little Warrior

8-10 years old | 1 hour | Orange ball | 3/4 size court

A class designed for kids ages 8-10 years old with the focus of ​learning and understanding tennis game situation while also continue ​building the athletic versatility in a 3/4 size court. Children at this age ​are recommended to use racquet size 23".


10 years old and up | 1.5 hour | Green ball | Full size court

A class designed for kids ages 10 years old and up with the focus of more ​specific game situation and ball control drills in a full size court. This class ​is also to support players' confidence and readiness to begin competing. ​Children at this age are recommended to use racquet size 25"-26".

Evolution Kids Tennis is the complete program for child’s tennis development. ​It combines expert instruction in tactical and technical skills, supervised ​practice, athletic skill development, competitive skills training plus exciting ​events and competitions.

-Mike Barrell, Director & Founder of Evolution Kids Tennis


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Our Adults Program is created for adults tennis of all levels. The program is suited for ​adults who seek to enhance their tennis skills through drills and games. It's also ​perfect for adults who are about to learn how to play the sport, or simply to have fun!

Zero Shot

A program for beginner players. ​Never-to-barely played tennis.

This class is designed for beginner players to learn the basic ​foundation of tennis skills. The goal here is not just to have the perfect ​form of technique, but to quickly able to play the game confidently!

Bigger Shot

A program for lower intermediate players. ​Regularly playing tennis.

Each class is structured in specific technical drills and a game ​situation with medium to high intensity. The program helps players not ​only to improve their skills but also to improve their game play in ​amateur level competition or league.

Grande Shot

A program for upper intermediate to ​advanced players. Also joining competition.

The class is designed with game-based approach and more focusing ​on tactical and strategical skills. There are pre-requisites in joining the ​class that needs to be approved by our coaches team before joining.


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A one-on-one lesson up to 3 people in a group with​ a select one of our coaching team. This lesson a​llows players to get undivided attention from the c​oach for a more intensive and focused technical s​kill enhancing. The lesson can be scheduled a​ccordingly.


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In organizing a tennis event, being different ​is our go to because we like to make our ​event a memorable experience for all.

Mom to Mom Cup

Women's doubles for charity event

From women to women. We hosted the women's doubles event to ​raise funds and awareness of the domestic violence in the ​Fatuneno Women Community in East Nusa Tenggara.

We successfully raised 10,500,000 rupiah to support the women's ​community's living.

Tournament date: June 12-13, 2021


Tournament venue: Lapangan Tenis Sanita, Jakarta

Orca Cup Supershot

Multi categories event

In collaboration with the Hotel Borobudur Jakarta and its spirit of ​wider outreach the local tennis communities, we are organizing ​a tennis event with multi categories for tennis players of all ages ​and levels.

The tournament used UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) for players to ​measure up their levels globally. It was also to motivate them to ​improve their skills, especially the junior players.

Tournament date: September 25-26, 2021


Tournament venue: Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta

Borobudur Tennis Cup ​2022

Multi categories event

Our team organized multiple doubles categories event in ​celebration of Hotel Borobudur's 48th anniversary. Following ​Hotel Borobudur's vision with its amazing tennis facility, we ​organized multiple categories where competitive and amateur ​players could join and play.

The tournament used UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) for players to ​measure up their levels globally. It was also to motivate them to ​improve their skills.

Tournament date: March 25-26, 2022


Tournament venue: Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

JW​TS Orca

Ju​nior series event

JWTS Orca Indonesia is the first worldwide junior ranking ​competition series with on-court coaching regulation. We are ​very proud to be the first organizer who hosted JWTS in ​Indonesia, which is also the first host country in Southeast Asia. ​The champions of the tournament would qualify for Regional and ​Global Masters that will allow players to compete internationally.

Tournament date: February 17-18, 2023


Tournament venue: Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta

Borobudur Tennis Cup ​2023

Amateur event

Our team organized amateur event in celebration of Hotel ​Borobudur's 49th anniversary. Following Hotel Borobudur's vision ​with its amazing tennis facility, we organized multiple amateur ​categories where beginner and advanced players could play.

Tournament date: March 18-19, 2023


Tournament venue: Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

Pods Tennis Championship

Team doubles event for charity

Pods Tennis Championship is named after 'pods' the group of orcas. So the competition was a team doubles event of three where all players get to partner each other. The cause of the charity is to help Pejaten Shelter, one of the largest local animal shelter in the city. The competition has various level categories for both men and women, starting from beginners to advanced.

Tournament date: May 27-28, 2023

Tournament venue: Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta


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